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Transcription (text)33.
Sirsni man ligaveni
Kadas kurpes tev bus pirkt
Ar tam pašam zamža kurpem
Kas bij mana brutiba,
Sirsnin manu ligaveni
Kadu zarku tev bus pirkt,
Melnu zarku
Baltu paladzinu
Sirsnin manu ligaveni
Kadu krustu tev bus pirkt
Melnu krustu
zelta burtiem
Sirsnin manu ligaveni
Kadem zirgiem tev bus vest
Ar tem pašem berem zirgiem
Kas bij mana brutiba
Rakst vedis Viktors Valpeters 1924 7./XII
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RepositoryArchives of Latvian Folklore
CollectionCollection of Pilskalne Primary School

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